Friday, May 4, 2012

All Welcome!

Hosts:  Sonicity Fitzroy & Lowe Runo
Special Guest:  Persia Bravin


USA Launch - Friday, May 11, 2012 @NeoVictoria's SkyClub
*6PM SLT:  Welcome/Greet Guests, Radio Riel Live Broadcast with Gabrielle Riel.
*7PM SLT:   Gabrielle Riel Interview with Lowe Runo and Sonicity Fitzroy, Authors of Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking.

Brief Bios of Book Authors:
Lowe Runo is an independent filmmaker and professional photographer.  He is working on two RL documentary projects, related to two forthcoming books by Sonicity (under contract) to be published over the next two years.

Sonicity Fitzroy is a professor and media studies & practice author, as well as virtual journalist for Best of SL Magazine and Retropolitan.  She is working with Lowe Runo Productions filmmaker Belinda Barnes on a steampunk series, The Adventures of Bel and Soni, featured in Retropolitan Magazine.  Teaser at:

Persia Bravin (Forward) is Best of SL Magazine Editor and BOSL Radio CEO, virtual journalist-at-large, and partner with Pop Art Lab (supporter of machinima/arts/music/media).

*Special Thanks to Persia Bravin for writing the Forward
*Acknowledge The Many Contributors (Roundtable discussions; Interviews/ Features/Chapters)
*Acknowledge contributor Skylar Smythe, author of The White Pigeon, a featured short story used to demonstrate the making of a machinima from story to script to animated film. Separate Screening with author  TBA for this summer.

*Q&A with Gabielle Riel, discussing the process, and significance of machinima.

*7:30PM SLT - Resume Radio Riel Music with Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel.

European Launch - Saturday, May 12th@NeoVictoria's SkyClub. Repeat Broadcast, beginning at Noon SLT.  Brief presentation break at 1PM SLT.  Music resumes at 1:30PM SLT.  Authors will be present to greet guests.

From the Authors:
We appreciate all those involved in this project  and we consider it a collaborative effort among numerous people inside SL as well as those looking in from the outside.  This book is not intended to promote SL, but we seriously view it as a major platform for the creation of innovative machinima. 

This is not the definitive voice in machinima, but a collective voice within the virtual filmmaking community that represents many perspectives.   The machinima story will continue to evolve, and we are pleased to document this point in history, as well as to encourage so many to experiment with this medium through this book. 

Thanks to members and administrators/reviewers of the Second Life Machinima Artist Guild and the Professional Machinima Artist Guild and to AVIEW TV and Rockcliffe University Consortium for continued support - as well as so many others.  

Thank you to Best of Second Life Magazine for its monthly series, Masters of Machinima, written by Sonicity Fitzroy and initiated by Editor Persia Bravin.    So far featured Rysan Fall, Hypatia Pickens, and Emanuelle Courtois.  To be featured soon, Chantal Harvey (MaMachinima) and Tony Dyson of Star Wars fame (and many more Hollywood features in the past and to come). Dyson and Harvey are partners in the new real time production company, Scissores. 

Thanks to NeoVictoria's founder/owner Asil Ares for her organizational skills and making this book launch a reality.   Thanks to Gabrielle Riel for lending her DJ talent and station for this event. 

Special thanks to those who participated in the roundtable discussions that helped to inform the authors on the diversity of opinions with regard to machinima. Roundtable participants included Graceful Aeon, Juris Amat, Pooky Amsterdam, Larkworthy Antfarm, Asil Ares, Ataro Asbrink, Baird Barnard, Pyewacket Bellman, Code-Warrior Carling, Penumbra Carter, Pamala Clift, Evie Fairchild, Clover Fenwitch, Moto Gamba, Kit Guardian, Chantal Harvey, Laurina Hawks, Brenda Jericho, LaPiscean Liberty, Alley McNally, Thinkerer Melville, Moo Money, Joel Savard, Almo Schumann, Kara Trapdoor, Cisko Vandeverre, ke Violet, Tikaf Viper, xox Voyager, Johnathan2007 Whitfield, Gene Williams, 1angelcares Writer, Gwenette Writer, and Suzy Yue, among others. Not all were cited but your views were significant toward formulating themes in this book.  Others interviewed included Al Peretz, Judy Lee (Decorgal), Iono Allen, Kate Fosk, Michael Gray, Rysan Fall, Wiz Nordberg, Draxtor Depres and Yani Jowisz.  Special thanks to author Skylar Smythe for her story “The White Pigeon” used as a machinima example.  Feature and chapter contributors are listed in the Table of Contents. Of course, Torley Linden is mentioned as a valuable resource, and so is Ricky Grove for sound. Others are listed in the index. So many others...

Hearty thanks to professional machinimist moo Money for her ideas, coordination of interviews, and her transcription skills that she offered to the authors. Sonicity also thanks her co-author, Lowe Runo, for his idea to write a book on this topic, and for introducing her to the world of machinima and involving her strategically in Lowe Runo Productions@.